Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tricks to satisfy woman

40 universal moments will be described below, equal likings almost all ladies without an exception. If you will execute everything, almost for certain your woman will brag by you before the girl-friends.

1. Melodious songs, executable a singer with deep, velvety voice
Hoarse, thick voices "start" the program of sexual excitation at most women. And high woman voices, vice versa, cause nervousness and anxiety for many young ladies. Choose musical accompaniment competent.

2. When you without requests and reminder from her put on a contraceptive. (And does not abandon him then by chance inwardly)

3. When you, gently hugging her for shoulders behind, knocking a chin between a neck and collar-bone
Make attempt turn a head. If you got in a correct place, hands and thighs of girl will be covered small ants.

4. Film "Gone With The Wind"
And you that lay, looked and hugged as mad. (Only not take in head to grow itself the same tendrils, as at Klark Geybl!)

5. Whisper to her on an ear

6. Petting of internal space of her arms and thighs - a skin here is especially sensible

7. When you let her to look at you, not covered here a sheet, and to touch you wherein she will want
Strangely enough, but many men confess that it is not loved to become the object of sexual attention of the partners. Psychologists assert that it consequence of so-called homofobia - fear to bring over to itself attention of partner of wrong floor, - which for some men takes simply grotesque forms. Up to togo, that they do not let the wives to touch hands their penis or buttocks.

8. Cucumber and strawberry smells
It is experimentally set that the smells of the fresh cucumber or strawberry operate on women excitant. An alike effect is rendered by a smell fresh baking.

9. When you know where her clitor is. And why she need it Smile

10. When you take her on hands

11. Detailed and long story how you were deprived innocence
But only if she ask about it.

12. When after sex you conduct a finger on her face - from a cheek through lips to the chin. And smile

13. When you get up at night to calm a child

14. Biting of her nipples
Biting (carefully!) is possible in general all: hands, pillows of fingers, neck. Including the most intimate places - sometimes it appears more effective than touching by hands or tongue.

15. When not shying to say that you want her. Right now

16. Classic pose
She gets possibility to look you in eyes during sex and kissing. Both can take her to the extreme degree of excitation. It is proved that women can test an orgasm with one kiss ONLY.

17. Silk bed linen
The touch of silk for woman is perceived as a caress.

18. Very frequent rhythm of frictions, when she is just near her orgasm

19. Feelings which arise up, when you pull her eye-lash a finger-point from top to bottom

20. Clean, well-groomed hairs
A very short hair can be an alternative. Both will be pleasantly touch. Thus not only by hands. Make attempt, for example, to conduct a head on her pubis and thighs on the inside.

21. When you suck the large finger of her leg

22. Regular reports she is beautiful and sexual

23. Your shorts-boxers
In obedience to questioning, most women consider their most sexual suit.

24. When you, in spite of obvious excitation, continue petting, drawing off a contact

25. Your pumped up press

26. Dry kisses
You are adult man, finally!

27. When you, before to lie down, take off the watches
Which so well pull up hairsprings and make pain.

28. When you can hear frank words, even most unexpected, being not afraid here, that you will be embarrassed or chirked

29. When you after an orgasm do not abandon her body at once
And yet some time continue to move. you go out, do it not sharply, but gradually.

30. When you are not lazy to find new erogenous areas for her
Make attempt, for example, to pay attention to the fold for her under buttocks and bend of leg under a knee.

31. When you haven't complexes concerning the size of the penis and authenticity of her orgasm

32. Pose of "doggi-stayl"
And it not surprising, because exactly nature chose this position for sexual intercourse of practically all living creatures. Classic pose "man from above" - uncomfortable for conception and very limiting partners in feelings - got such distribution only after a few centuries, during which for practice of any other position wife could be in public executed "for a debauch".

33. Coffee in a bed in the morning

34. When, unzipping a bra on her, you do not abandon him to dangle for her on a neck, but delete him fully. And it is also desirable to take off her shorts not from one leg, but from both

35. Sex when she a little wants in a loo
At this moment due to physiological reasons especially effectively there is stimulation of point G - starting mechanism of woman orgasm.

36. When in a pose "woman from above" you also display initiative - raise thighs above a bed and move in one rhythm with her

37. Plaiting in the scythes of her hairs
In general many women confess that combing and setting hairs causes the erotic experiencing for them. From the scientific point of view it's fully explainable: combing of hairs disturbs nervous completions on a skin heads which for women more than for men.

38. Your sunburn.

39. When you enter her slowly, centimetre by centimetre, moving unrhythmically
So that she could not guess your motions and prepared to them. The effect of surprise will strengthen her feelings.

40. Men which know previous 39 things without any articles

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