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A little concerned about this issue as there are so many conflicting opinions. Even among psychologists. Those who think they are male female friendship is impossible to argue with such friendships, there is always an erotic surface. I'll declare. Although the title is more intended as a humorous comment on this topic, not far from my position. But the generalization is still something that is always rejected. What will not appeal to many, and it is again on the surveys, so do not kill messenger, is the fact that the same results in the possibility of such friendships do not they look good, as they average. My experience shows that it will always come to the moment when one party will want to raise this relationship to a new level. Or does it actually go down to the lower. Hm. And to me this is not clear why it is happening, if we take into account the nature of male female relationships. Of course, I have male friends, colleagues and various male female relationships in his life, but just male friends and ... In fact, when we reflect male friends call and feel, or those with whom I may have already been in a relationship, so we stayed in special relationships, and I am sure that I am "single" in the same moment that they would be likely to happen here, and more. It is doubtful with which hand would be an attempt, but I am deeply convinced of this. They'll kill me the sincerity of my one day. I think this story is important to define the term friend. If you believe that it is occasionally hanging out at your leisure, casual joint outs and group dinners in pairs, then we are on the same wavelength on this issue. Friendship in this context is much more intimate and continuous relationship that actually involve the intimacy of our lives, share the deepest thoughts and feelings, trust and mutual sympathy. I now put the story of a man and a woman. Well imagine them even free. Such relations are simpler with the same sex, because in fact nowhere to go further. They reached the top. But the fact is that in the male female relationship is put on. Especially if it is the foundation of friendship is easy to imagine that it is precisely this relationship when he turned into a relationship, a relationship was actually a fairy tale. What many people make mistakes in assessing a story for itself. Not just any kind of story is born this relationship, nor the intensity with which it occurs. All this should be taken into account when we talk about this subject. I imagine the moment that my partner says to go with my friend for dinner. How do I ask? No matter what friends, what dinners! And believe me I am not a jealous guy ... I also see it in the same reaction that the story is reversed and actually give me any other reaction was a strange and somewhat unintelligent. One famous American psychologist izavila is - "Why would male female friendship was impossible? Today, men and women work together, have similar sporting and musical interests and socialize in different ways. "Yes, of course, so few men and women were deceived by their partners just to colleagues at work that this just shows us where the idea . Fiddlesticks! Once we clarify the notion of friendship in these relationships and intensity, which means, my conclusion is as follows. Of course, many believe in the male female friendship. I'm a long time ago ... And it is those who believe the party who does not think the erotic components and connections. Which does not mean that they really know what was in my head the other. Often one party maintains friendship, hoping that the moment will come when you will both feel the same. But do not dismiss the possibility that some such possible friendship and to exactly where there is physical attraction, but it is still questionable whether the time to be born an emotional bond that will create and physical attractiveness. And we know where it leads. And this story would be to talk individually on a case by case basis. Therefore, they can only end with their experiences and opinions. men are seen immediately from the first glance as men, they like my wife. And all this goes to the most natural relation of man and woman. And so it shall remain, I have enough friends ... Prof. Nada Bučević
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Learning English from net maybe isn't the Best idea ,but in that time my children still were at home, and my only solution was learning English from net. During years i met so many sweet people who helped me lot with English language. I wanna thank to all and each of that fantastic friends. I started to write this post ,with clear toughs about using "Mature woman" as description of myself. Most of net users first tough about words:Mature Women is little dirty tough. But in my language is OK,even more than OK to say:I AM MATURE WOMAN! Well my dear readers I AM VERY PROUD MATURE WOMAN! TAKE IT OR LIVE IT!!!!

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