Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Five Orka - killer whales - are listed as plaintiffs in this no usual court case in the U.S., which require that they be granted the same constitutional protection of slavery and trafficking.

Of course, whales are not personally come to court and submitted papers, but is instead made the animal protection organization PETA, which has launched a case against the famous water park SeaWorld. This will be the first time that an American court to hear legal arguments about whether the animals enjoy the same constitutional protections as humans.
These whales are slaves by every definition of slavery
PETA makes lawyers say the killer whales in their water parks are treated as slaves, because they are forced to live in confined pools, and every day to perform before an audience in Florida and California. Prosecutors are calling on the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which has long been abolished all forms of slavery or forced exile in the United States.
"For the first time in the history of our nation, the federal court will hear a discussion on whether all living beings that breathe and feel some kind of law, or whether it be enslaved only because you were not born as men. By any possible definition of the Orcs Water parks have the status of slaves, "said attorney Jeffrey Kerr, who represents the whales, reports the BBC.
"I do not remember that animals are mentioned in the preamble to the Constitution"
On the other hand, legal Sea World claims that this case is purely a waste of time and resources. "Not even killer whales or any other animals were not included in the preamble" We the people ... ' When the Constitution was adopted, "said attorney Theodore Shaw SeaWorld.
He added that, in case PETA wins this case, to have major implications not just the way you operate water and zoological parks, but also to other pragmatic matters, such as the use of police dogs to detect drugs and explosives.
Tilikum already had trouble with the law
The judge who heard the opening arguments expressed concern about the possibility that the animals are listed as plaintiffs in this lawsuit, a decision on the viability of the case will bring in a few days.
Mention the plaintiffs. These are Tilikum and Katina from SeaWorld in Orlando, and catfish, Corky and Ulises from San Diego.
It should be noted that the first mentioned Tilikum already had "trouble with the law." It is 2010. The justified reputation as the names of its kind, when his trainer was drowned in the pool before the horrified eyes of the audience, after which he introduced the law to park construction staff should not enter the pool to perform tricks with animals.
In addition, the same killer whale is associated with two deaths, which is why Tilikum is in an unenviable situation. If the court concludes that enjoys the same rights as man, and on that basis decide that it is not subject to slavery, on the same basis could be concluded that enjoys the same responsibility as a man, so Tilikum for the murder could not in jail. The only problem - he is without judgment of his life in prison long ago began to serve.

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