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Anti-Wrinkle Home-made Treatment

Anti-Wrinkle Home-made Treatment

Only natural home-made cream and lotion

This is not commercial post!!!
Here i only share my experience with home-made cream and lotion!
Cream and lotion made by my grandma recipe and she got it from her grandma.
All you will ever need for smooth and young skin.

First 2 Simple Tips to Wrinkles

Tip #1 – Start With Sun Protection All the Time One of the best tips to follow if you’re going to combat aging before it happens is to start with sun protection all the time. Start protection skin while you are young and you’ll be less likely to deal with sun damage later. This means that you need to apply sunscreen anytime you’re going outdoors. Even if you aren’t doing anything but driving to work, still apply that sunscreen. It’s also important that you work to cover up skin with hats, clothing, and sunglasses. The sun can severely damage skin, causing lines and wrinkles to occur, so avoid this problem by using proper sun protection.

Tip #2 – Get Plenty of Antioxidants Getting plenty of antioxidants is also important if you want to prevent wrinkles. Drink and eat these antioxidants. Antioxidants are important for combating free radicals. Some of the best foods and drinks that contain antioxidants include acai berries, pomegranates, blueberries, green tea, and other berries.

Tip#3-If its possible prepare slow cooking food with olive oil.Eat food from Mediterranean cuisine.

All what i write here is in use for centuries in our family!
All what you will need to make face-skin cream at home is:

RECIPE FOR HOME-MADE  Anti-Wrinkle cream


  1. extra virgin olive oil
  2. lavender honey
  3. Vaseline/you can buy it in drug-store /
  4. almond oil/if you cant make it at home buy it in drug-store/
  5. lavender oil/made at home or buy in drug-store/
  6. rose water/few drops as perfume/
  • Make cream to for a week.every week new one  /for this cream we dont use preservations/
  • all is so natural
  • in 1 tbs honey ad drop by drop extra virgin olive oil and mix it slow with spoon/about 1 tbs olive oil in 1 tbs honey
  • in this mixture add 1/5 tbs Vaseline and mix it more
  • drop 2-3 drops almond oil
  • mix it more
  • on the end add few drops rose water/this is optional/
  • Use this cream to treat face and body
  • Its best to use it during night-cream is very reach ant to heavy for day use./optional if you need protect your skin during winter you can use it during day
  • This is the best for dry and sensitive skin
  • if your skin is not dry here is a tip for you:
  • add cream and after 5 minutes wash it with clear water,that way you will have moisturizing skin 
  •  Copyrights by Nina Estera
  • use cream to prevent eye-wrinkle 2
    your home-made cream will look like at pic
    Post by Nini Estera Your comments are very welcome!






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