Sunday, November 20, 2011


Definition of SLAVE
: a person held in servitude as the chattel of another
: one that is completely subservient to a dominating influence
: a device (as the printer of a computer) that is directly responsive to another

I started this post with definitions of word SLAVE with purpose.
But here i will not talk about slave life during the history,i will be much more personal.
Thanks God for this opportunity/to have place to write open and free/and possibility to share my thoughts and feels with other human being.
I need to say this very open.
I am slave of my parents,that's for sure.
I am 56 but in whole my life i didn't made any serious decision without big influence of my parents/they even choose to whom i will married/.
Friends told me years ago that i have to run faraway from my parents but i never find myself strong and brave to do that!
At begining i accepted my position under partents influace but by the time thats become very hard to live with.
I cant remember any single day with no call of my parents/my mother use to call me 4-6 times a day,she must know what i will buy,what i will cook etc./
My parents have full control on my money,my bank account and of course full control of my free time.
I can say that i am only free at the evening,when my parents asleep and than i can surf free!
I have luck cos my parents don't like to use PC  so at the evening i am free to do what i want in my room.
I cant go out to meet a friends if my Mather think i have to stay at home.
The big mistake i made when i start to work at my father factory,that's made me total slave cos he pays me.

All this situation make me so sad,and all this years i dream about free life!
Sometimes i even think ,whats very bed to think,that i will only be free when my parents past away!
God will forgive me for this bed thoughts,i hope!
My parent are so healthy and i think they will live forever,i will past away before!
I have everything and in same time i have nothing ,i am not free as human have to be,i am modern Slave!

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few words!

Learning English from net maybe isn't the Best idea ,but in that time my children still were at home, and my only solution was learning English from net. During years i met so many sweet people who helped me lot with English language. I wanna thank to all and each of that fantastic friends. I started to write this post ,with clear toughs about using "Mature woman" as description of myself. Most of net users first tough about words:Mature Women is little dirty tough. But in my language is OK,even more than OK to say:I AM MATURE WOMAN! Well my dear readers I AM VERY PROUD MATURE WOMAN! TAKE IT OR LIVE IT!!!!

Your comments are welcome!!



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