Friday, November 25, 2011

The meaning of DOMAIN!

On the Internet, the expression domain (engl. domain) means the area represented by a common name or set of information available on the same type and kind. Your domain name is your address on the Internet. As people use your phone number to call you, the domain name gives others the opportunity to access your web pages on the Internet. It is desirable to have an effective, simple and easy to remember domain name because it can play a major role in attracting visitors to your web site. Within the Croatian domain is free and is given by CARNet - Croatian Academic and Research Network, according to the rules for registering domain names.
The domain name defines the owner. The Business Forum has selected and registered the domain for which we are recognized and it is also our web address. The abbreviation HR at the end of the name of the supreme or so. top-level domain. It marks the country (hr. for Croatia, de for Germany, etc.) or, as is the case in the U.S., the activity of that company or organization (. Com for commercial sites,. Edu for educational institutions, etc.).

Internet domain names can be seen as a good location shop in an alley. What is the Internet domain is shorter and easier to remember, it's the same as the location of the store on a very busy and easily find place.

It is therefore not surprising that during the golden age of the Internet, in the late nineties, there has been a real struggle for domain names, which are further encouraged some other factors. One of them is the fact that, for historical reasons, the most popular top-level domains was. Com, inside which are mostly led the battle for available names. Another factor was the way of registering domain names. The domains were then, as now, registered on a "first come, first received." If someone registers a domain name before you that you want, you're unlikely to get it after that, unless they can prove that the man was the owner usurped your brand name (trade mark), or it fails to convince that you cede the field to the appropriate dollar amount.

What is the value of domain names, most eloquently speaks a short list of domains that were once achieved the highest price.

The domain name price achieved in the market 7.5 million $ 5.1 million 4.4 million USD 3.2 million USD 2.8 million USD 1.7 million USD 1.3 million USD 1.2 million USD

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