Friday, November 11, 2011

facebook-stay or quit

FACEBOOK-stay or quit? Facebook homepage as we walked the pleas of friends to help them by clicking the mouse to protect privacy. Surely you've seen this message. All this is happening because of the new changes implemented by Facebook. First of all you must know that I'm a fan of Facebook. At least I was until recently. I think they are excellent opportunities brought to us by this miracle of social networking. In private, and to me personally and the business plan. Today I wonder how many years in the business to function at all without it. I have not so far seen any negativity because I think we do have control. As in life, and on Facebook. Perhaps the stupidest argument I've heard this year is that facebook threatens social life in the real. Menu is quite the reverse. With those friends with whom I had seen the coffee at the sun to do today, even before it has spent some time on line. So this has nothing to do with Facebook, but with you. Also I have always been strict (too strict and some think) a controlled number of friends, because online friends just as I choose in life. There is no difference to me. And facebook is the real part of my life and so it and treats.

But with the new changes shifted the boundaries of good taste. Before the accident the other day I notice that the wall is open to the public. This happened in the midst of introducing the new Facebook, completely without warning. This really angered me. It already means a loss of privacy without my control and warning. Of course, that anyone on the Internet can not expect complete privacy, but the feeling that though I have no control over it, was not pleasant. What if I had not noticed, like many of you are not. Some friends I was told what happened to them. They did not even know until then. This was followed by another unpleasant surprise. Just let your friend or comment on "Laika" your photo, or even status, to see all his friends who are not and your friends. Sure to see you with someone else's friends on its cover. So you see the status or image. By that logic, then it is at all important criteria that I chose my friends, when a video and those who do not? Then he surprised me that someone unknown to comment on my picture and realize that this is because he and his friend on my picture ... So is also available to comment on whether the image is mine and what we are not connected! This already exceeds all limits of privacy.

A highlight was actually when I google my name and put in place five pages of business and scientific achievements that were previously conduct a Google priority in relation to me, and I certainly was proud, and directed each business associates to me like a resume review and google. .. now I see pages and pages of comments I've ever put on facebook?

Always stand behind each of their statements and images on the Internet. This is not questionable. Always tell myself and others to the internet to put anything you would like to see on a billboard in town. But that's not the point. The point is a complete loss of control without warning. It takes into account the fact that I probably am not familiar with new methods of protection (even though I wore the same search) and that all of the above can again result in the controlled conditions of privacy, but it is an undeniable fact that facebook is I copied all my previous privacy terms (which would be more logical ) than I am without warning become fully accessible to everyone and everywhere. And it can happen all the time.

Is all this enough to just push the log out for good. No! I know the creators of Facebook. Deep psychological analysis of Facebook users and created a facebook. Among other things we all like to think that we live in interesting extra lives and prompts others to do so. You admit to yourself or not, this is the level of our subconscious. Who among us would not want to write an autobiography that will become a bestseller? A facebook is just that. Of course the fact that the illusion was created by and no one will check the veracity of the facts is served. Facebook is now a habit and lifestyle. I mentioned the undeniable value of the business plan, but I do not use it as an excuse to do not extinguish the private profile, although we really closely related to personal and business lives. But troubling me a fact, and that's when the miracle that facebook has disappeared, and all at the same time shut down, I feel that I was relieved. As if I would want someone else to make that decision for me. Apparently me inside it a lot and umara.Ipak balance is still on the side - remain. I continue to be excellent fun with friends, I am in direct and daily contact with family and friends who are not in my city, and yet I can not mention the aspect of a business whose success must be attributed to facebook, because it's just a fact. But because of all the negative and stated forcefully created psychosis about privacy, the more I was not a pure delight as he was. Too much irrelevant information, lack of privacy.

There are of course the conspiracy theory that the information on Facebook about us, our lives, thoughts, and share any future plans available to all who need to control us. Do you really believe that somewhere in some people sitting round a table in a black bitch and plans over our destinies and ways to control our psyche and life. But that does not mean that that's not happening.

No comforted by the fact that selection can occur at any moment of my ... To stay or quit.

Prof. dr. Hope Bučević Čutura
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Learning English from net maybe isn't the Best idea ,but in that time my children still were at home, and my only solution was learning English from net. During years i met so many sweet people who helped me lot with English language. I wanna thank to all and each of that fantastic friends. I started to write this post ,with clear toughs about using "Mature woman" as description of myself. Most of net users first tough about words:Mature Women is little dirty tough. But in my language is OK,even more than OK to say:I AM MATURE WOMAN! Well my dear readers I AM VERY PROUD MATURE WOMAN! TAKE IT OR LIVE IT!!!!

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