Monday, October 31, 2011

LONELY AS WOMAN OVER 50 part 2/two years after/

passes more than 2 years from date of write this blog post...and something new and good happened for me..still i am married but in meantime i was so very lucky.."Gods love me,ohhhh yes"..a new man went in to the my life,he is my soul mate,he is my friend and he is the best lover you are welcome to read my post from 2009..

Lonely as women over 50
I get on line,moment ago!
After long day ,first at office ,than at home with my kids and grandkids,and pets and my hubby/of course/,i am not feeling so good.To be open and honest last few years i am not feeling so good!
if you take a look at my life all seems so nice and in order.Husband,wife,kids,grandkids,sons in law,pets -big happy family/like on TV commercials/!!!
And yes if you like to know i am proud on my family,my healthy ,lovely ,happy family!
And,my friends,yes i choose this way of life.
After my graduations/by the way i am master of science in math/,i decided to start married life and yes it was my choice to have kids and yes i decided to stop work while my kids are in need for mother!
No its not nice to say i done all this for happiness of my children,no its not right!
My kids bring me so much happiness!
Now you can figure where is a problem!
Problem is not connected with my children,nooooooooooooo
My problem is going from my relationship with my husband.
From 1988 we sleeps in separate rooms and all this years we are living without any intimate contact!
Now you can think that i was one who didn't want sex any more,but you are wrong.
My hubby didn't want it all this years!
You can think she must had lovers ,but i didn't/sorry i had one lover for very short time/!
Imagine how can be hard to live all this years without any intimate contacts with opposite sex!
For me,was very hard and still is hard and this way of life hurting me as human been and as woman who have some needs!
Do not ask me why i didn't left my husband!I didn't and i will not!
he is very good with children,very caring father and my children adore him.
by the way all our friends and my family adore him!
Deep inside i am very lonely!
I have wonderful family,good job,nice friends and i am not happy at all.
I am lonely!
Sad sometimes!

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diet and sex drive

i just have to write..few days ago i started with new diet..i want to look better so i got decision to start diet..its not easy ,please believe me..i am hungry,so very hungry and i am not feel mood goes from one bad stage to another even worse stage...but something happened what really surprised me..i notice that i start to think about sex even more than usual..and now i think that there is some connection between having diet and sex drive..maybe when body need food also need more sex..the only not so good thing for me in this good sex drive is fact that my partner is faraway and will not be here for few what to do...i dont like to stay at facebook,boring me playing games on line,i dont like web cam sex so what to do question is now???
I think i will work more/now i work about 12 hours a day/ maybe 14-16 hours a day,maybe i will flert a little..and yes i will write more ..
Its easy during a day but in the evening,when i finish with all my obligations and i start to relax my mind start to imagine all about wild sex...hehehehe
whats about you my friends?

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does young men "going" good with mature women???

question made by my friend while we had our morning cup of coffeeeeee..she is much younger than me,she is ages of my daughter so i was very surprised with her open conversation ..i was speechless in that time but made me start thinking about that
ok i am 55 i have some experience in women-men relationships,ya...well yes much more younger men showing to be attract by me ,i know they would like to have something more with me but i always ignore them!Why i act like that,answer is so very simple,i cant imagine relationship with a man who is old as my kids or even younger!!!
Stop stop...dont think that i judge women who prefer to have good time with young and powerful but we all make our this i know what i like..i prefer men my ages,maybe men after 50 are not so powerful as younger but men of 50++ have experience and men of 50++ have a patience to wait his partner to be satisfied as much as possible .
Please believe me ,young,good looking men is pleasure for looking but cant turn me on...something not material ,some words,way how man watch me,how man speak with me can turn me on ..only that..and i have to feel very special to my partner and i have to feel free to speak open what i like in sex and how i like sex...
I never try sex with younger partner,so i am not the best person to write about this...

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Google Adsense and writing about human sexuality

well..first of all i wanna say what can piss me off...i tried to ad this blog on Google Adsense service and i got note that my blog id for adult...what???are they crazy or what???here i only write about how i feel my sexuality during ages..nothing porn here,just observations about sex life in some 50+ ages..
now,i am asking my friends here,did you find any unappropriated content here on my blog ??????
In what centuries does we live?did i write any porn i did not..i am free to tell how i feel about sex in my ages,what make me feel good etc.
I dont use dirty words,i dont write  anything what can hurt feelings of an human,so what i am doing wrong???
I think stuff of Google Adsense service didnt even come on blog to find what i am writing about...they only see name of my blog...and by the way...i choose this name just for joke..why not???whats wrong with girl mature???...LOL....hope you will you all my dear friends...xoxoxoxoxox

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Understanding Women - What Really Turns Us On - Broowaha

Understanding Women - What Really Turns Us On - Broowaha: INTIMACY
Understanding Women - What Really Turns Us On
by Felicia Stevenson (writer), Gatineau, Quebec, October 27, 2011

sex , relationships , women , turn ons
Credit: Felicia-May Stevenson

Men are visual creatures. They see a beautiful woman: they get turned on. Women are entirely different creatures...

I'm one of those women who love too much. I fall in love quickly, and sometimes have mistaken infatuation for love. I'm 33 and have only been in a committed relationship for about 7 years (on and off, but still)

So while I don't really like to think about it, much less admit to it, and won't share numbers, I guess I've "known" many men.

Throughout those different relationships, some lasting a few months, others up to two years, I've been different sexually with every one of my partners. I've come to realize that I wasn't the problem, various partners were because of the way they acted.

First of all, you have to understand that romance isn't buying flowers or chocolates. Romance, to me, is a series of little attentions. I used to be engaged to a man who never lifted a finger in the house. He would spread his crap all over the kitchen table and plop a bouquet of flowers in the middle of the mess. He never understood why I wasn't happier about the flowers, despite the fact that I told him several times that if he really wanted to please me, all he had to do was CLEAN a little. If he'd only done that, I would have jumped his bones in a flash and rocked his world.

I got to be so resentful of his laziness and lack of effort, there came a point where sleeping with him was a chore, not something I enjoyed.

Second, there was one guy who would get mad at me and sulk until I would give in. I felt like I was being raped, and needless to say, all attraction was slowly killed. You must understand that while sex is mainly physical to you, to us, it's also about a much deeper connection. So if you've been grumpy all day, don't expect us to feel all warm and fuzzy when we climb in to bed.

Third, we are not sexual objects, so don't treat us as such. There have been men that I couldn't even get dressed in front of without being jumped. Using excuses like: "You're too beautiful, I can't control myself" really doesn't work for me either. I've heard that way too many times. Control yourself. You are not an animal. If you keep acting like one, she's going to run away. Do not ogle us all day, make sexual "joke" advances constantly, touch us in private areas randomly. It's annoying and a MAJOR turn-off. If you are feeling that randy... take matters "into your own hands". so to speak. We are not responsible for your every desire.

Fourth, begging is NOT attractive, and I truly don't think this requires much elaboration.

Fifth, and also very important, jealousy is an ugly monster, and you look like one when you act that way. I'm a pretty girl (not to be vain), but if you thought so when you met me, then other men will too, obviously. It's not my fault I turn heads every where I go, so don't start getting angry or grumpy with me because of it. You should be proud. I've chosen you. I want to be with you. I'm loyal to you. Look the guy in the eyes, and give him a nod, silently saying "that's right buddy, she's with me. Eat your heart out."

In conclusion, if you want to be sexy, and really turn on a woman, cook her a meal, wash the dishes, take the kids to the park so she can get a few minutes to herself, don't pester her all day. And then, when the timing is right, push her up against a wall and kiss her hard and passionately. She'll be butter in your hands. If you're trying to pick up a new girl, don't use some corny line. Don't go up to a group and start flirting equally. It makes it seem like your saying "is anyone game? I'm not difficult." Decide which girl you want, single her out and make her feel special. Good Luck!

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few words!

Learning English from net maybe isn't the Best idea ,but in that time my children still were at home, and my only solution was learning English from net. During years i met so many sweet people who helped me lot with English language. I wanna thank to all and each of that fantastic friends. I started to write this post ,with clear toughs about using "Mature woman" as description of myself. Most of net users first tough about words:Mature Women is little dirty tough. But in my language is OK,even more than OK to say:I AM MATURE WOMAN! Well my dear readers I AM VERY PROUD MATURE WOMAN! TAKE IT OR LIVE IT!!!!

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