Monday, October 4, 2010

Why It Is Wise to Worship a Woman

And so, my friends, here. A short guide on how to worship a woman and why is it something that the wisest man can do. First of all, considering some very understandable doubts that plague you. All are familiar.

1st "My relationships with women were injured me and caused me harm."

And to me, my brother and me. My parents went through a tumultuous divorce when I was four years. I grew up with her single mother. She gave all of myself to care about me, but she was unhappy and insecure. At the time I began to enter into relationships with women, early puberty, I discovered that I carry a huge outrage, fears, and separation in relation to women. Aware of the practice of worship may be one way of healing the wounds.

2nd "Arjuna, you're lucky. Yours is a special partner. I am a woman who did not like Chameli."

Actually I do not have a clear answer to this dilemma or question. Of course it looks as if I was lucky and met a really good woman, but here's how this happened to me. In my life I had a lot less happy relationships. I got her portion handling the feminine nature: the victims, angry, vindictive. And in it I considered the ugly side of male nature. A few weeks before I met Chameli, my wife, something in me changed and I deeply believe that it is in anyone can change the same way.

3rd "I have no partner, and sometimes I doubt I'll ever meet."

Have your partner without reverence or even not having a partner are actually two manifestations of the same situation: you sense or the ability to see deeper love and want more. The solution is the same.

4th "I feel that my heart is closed. Works for the most out of my head and I would not know what it is that we worship or breaks into a house at 2 in the morning and put a gun to my head."

So for us it begins when we realize that we do not know love. And it's an important question to which we must answer: "Is it me, okay?" It does not matter how much you earn, how many friends you have on Facebook, the kind of home you live or what kind of car you drive, it does not matter what these women have breasts, or how much you're meditating and spiritual ... Are you truly loved, fully and openly? If you did not - and there you have with yourself be totally honest - if this is you, right? Are you okay that one day you die and that the gifts of your heart you have a gift?

Some eight or nine years and I have just answered that question and I found the answer, if I have an extremely simple, and it completely honest with myself, that I actually was wrong. That one day I die and I totally loved, for me it really would not be well-lived life.

Many years ago I went on holiday to Bali, utterly alone. There I met some young tourists and we rented a sport utility vehicle, which we toured the island. We drove up to the highest peak on the island, where tourists usually do not go. Our guide took us to one of their greatest shrine, to a temple. He was surrounded by a high brick wall and had decorated the entrance. Once we were without shoes and head scarves wrapped, we passed through this port. Inside was a small courtyard, then another wall with another entrance. After a preparation that consisted of burning incense sticks and ritual observance, we passed through the second entrance. They allowed us to get through another entrance and that was it. Deity in the center of the sanctuary was surrounded by ten of the walls. Hindus were able to go beyond the fourth wall. Devotees of this deity could pass and the fifth wall, and so on. The only people who were allowed to come to the very deities were those who gave their lives completely surrendered to the worship of deities. Everyone else can rest were approaching nearer and nearer to the inner beauty, but not to the center.

I am not inclined to worship the statue, but what I've seen a beautiful woman as symbolic heart is just like that. At the core of every woman is the divine feminine nature. It consists of everything that has ever been beautiful, graceful and inspiring in any woman, anywhere, anytime. At the heart of every woman's heart is a culmination of wisdom, the peak of inspiration, the climax of sexual attraction, the highlight of gentle, healing love. The highlight of everything. However, it is protected, and with reason, a series of concentric walls. Passing one by one wall that requires the intensification of our ability to worship, and how to achieve that we receive grace. It is not something that a woman would be possible to negotiate the conversation. It is not even able to consciously open the door. She opens invisible magic keys and worship.

If you are outside of the first wall, all that is available, as well as many other unfortunate, pornography. For some money by the minute you see her breasts, vagina, and maybe you can masturbate in mourning longing for a deeper love. Walk through the first door and it will show you your external pack. Look for and with a spark in his eyes. Seductive will answer your questions. It will give you a faint indication that it is possible.

Pass through another door with his dedication, diligence and the first signs of worship, and it will to some extent you open your heart. Will share with you your insecurity, your wounds, your deepest longings. In that time some men to withdraw. They will realize that the price you should pay to go deeper higher than they are willing to pay. Will begin to feel responsible. But those who pass through the next door will reveal its close, willingness to stand by them no matter what, your readiness for school children, talking to you, and - if you have luck - even the occasional collection of your dirty socks. And so it goes on. You know it already from this.

Around the penultimate center wall before it will discard their veils and show your personality that is as a human being, as the portal into something much bigger than that. It shows you that anger is not hers, but all women. It shows you the patience that is universal. It shows you their wisdom. At that moment you experience the archetypal woman, who was in all the traditions depicted as goddesses and mythical characters.

And then, in the center, the most secret place of the sanctuary, all the layers of your worship overwhelm the grace. Uncover the core of feminine nature, and a strange way that is not romantic, but it is still deep world, realize that it could come up with any woman that you were willing to go through all those layers of initiation. Any woman is every woman, every woman has ever been that woman. When fully love a woman, in the very center of her being, it is a flame of divine feminine nature. This is what every woman in history seems beautiful. It is the flame behind the Mona Lisa, Dante's Beatrice, and of course, Penelope Cruz and Heidi Klum. Discover the magic ingredient that has been said that every man falls in love with a woman.

When you learn in this way to pay your attention to the core of feminine nature, prostrijet will be the whole body on the floor, and tears to your cheeks and soak clothes. Ask you how you could ever have her and all of its forms be taken for granted even for a second.

Once we left to answer several questions. Firstly, if you know what I saying here? Did you this tense? Does it make sense to you? And secondly, if your answer is yes, how are you going in this state where you now get to a situation where you are able to wholeheartedly really like? I will gladly share with you more advice about this if you ever know, but here's how to get started.

First, just as I am and I make in my room an altar dedicated to the divine feminine nature. There accommodate only female symbols. I am here to put a picture called Beata Beatrix, painted by Dante Gabriel Rosetti. There is a statue of the goddess Guan Yin. On the altar is placed and what resembles a female nature and every day before it spends several minutes in worship. Yes, worship. Worship. Commitment. Prekrivaj altar of rose petals. Read before the altar of poetry. Honours alter anything and you ask her to reveal his innermost core. Will start these miracles happen regardless of whether you are single and waiting for the right woman, or are already in relationships and yearn to encounter his wife on a deeper level.

Another way that you start: You should practice the discipline, to be his wife or any woman, ten times a day you say something you like on it. "I like the smell of your shampoo." "I like to laugh." "You have a very beautiful eye color." Of course, be polite at the same time. When you're in a relationship with a woman can go as far as you want, but with any other woman keep an eye on the door that I mentioned. Let your words be appropriate for the front door that you find with that woman. Proud of her tits if, for example, a cashier at the store actually is harassment, not worshi

Source / Source: Why It Is Wise to Worship a Woman

Written by: Arjuna Ardagh






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